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About Mike Muller

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Mike is a bass guitarist, singer, composer, producer, and electric bass/guitar instructor currently residing in New York City.

Current Events

Since moving to NYC in 2013 Mike has performed and recorded with artists from the rock, blues, country/swing, Americana, and singer-songwriter genres. In 2019 Mike co-wrote and co-produced German singer-songwriter Annie Moore's debut LP. October 2020 found him in the studio with New York based songwriter, piano player, and drummer Sylvie Yannello.

The pandemic canceled his 2020 European tour, but with the Covid scourge abated (fingers crossed) and restrictions lifted, Mike returned to France in March of 2023 cementing a new relationship with booker Alain Michel and Arythmic Productions. The Mike Muller Band sold out seven shows over a two-week tour in the south of France. M. Michel also lent his world-class harmonica chops to the band, as well as occasional rhythm guitar. Milano based drummer Pablo Leoni and Bronx guitarist Mike Torres completed the lineup. Plans for another French tour in 2024 are in the works.

Interviewed shortly after arriving back in NYC, Mike said of the spring 2023 tour, "I really missed France and I was super happy to see all my friends at the shows and make so many new friends and fans. Yeah it's good to be home, but I'm ready to jump a plane as soon as the deal is done. … Alain and I have some surprises in store for the next tour, one of which is the addition of long time buddy and Nashville ace session man and touring artist Mike McAdam. Mike McAdam's pedigree says it all— he's played with everybody. Mike McAdam's gonna bring a lot to our little musical sojourn in 2024."

In another international collaboration, Mike will be recording bass tracks for Brazil based blues rocker Mario Rossi's latest project after contributing to Rossi's Heavy featuring "I Could Be Good for You Now" and released in October 2021. Mike and NYC guitar ace Arthur Neilson will join Mario later in 2023 for a series of shows in Brazil, dates to be announced. Muller and Nielson also appear together on French rocker Manu Lanvin's forthcoming release, for which Muller wrote two songs.


In the Press

A Long Island native, Mike Muller was a gigging guitarist in his local Smithtown scene while still a teenager. He quickly gravitated to bass, playing with rock and blues rock bands throughout New York City, Boston, and Connecticut. After graduating from Smithtown Central High School, Mike completed his formal education at Suffolk County Community College and SUNY Stony Brook. In his early 20s Mike moved with three of his bandmates to the Fan District of Richmond Virginia to join its flourishing live music sphere.

Having established his rock cred on the RVA club scene and the Georgia and Carolinas juke joint circuit, Mike secured the bass spot in the pop rock band Single Bullet Theory. Steeped in the band's creative environment, Mike honed his songwriting skills with a focus on pop-y, melodic songs with commercial potential. SBT's first release with Nat Weiss's Nemperor Records included three of Mike's compositions. The Bullets shared bills with many notable acts on their extensive tours of North America in the early 1980s. Mike picked up a healthy dose of rocker attitude from the Pretenders's Pete Farndon and Martin Chambers, and got a few lessons in partying from Huey Lewis.

After disputes with the record label led to the Bullets' breakup, Mike continued to perform throughout the Mid-Atlantic with various groups, most notably Lindy Fralin's Bopcats. Vintage-style pickup designer Fralin and Mike remain fast friends. Mike also indulged his love of travel with European tours, visiting major cities as well small villages in the French countryside. A speaker of passable French, Mike has many European friends and contacts with whom he stays in regular communication.

New Music!

Mike's song "Travel On" with a brand new piano part by Sylvie Yannello available now.

Now available for studio sessions, live shows, touring, and private lessons, Mike is a multi-published songwriter and is affiliated with BMI in North America and Sacem and Gema in Europe.

"I love playing with Mike!!! He's one of the best!!!" ~ Big Ed Sullivan - NYC's Boss of the Blues, New York Blues Hall of Fame
"Sharing the stage with Mike is always a pleasure. He brings his experience and energy every time." ~ Arthur Neilson - Shemekia Copeland, New York Blues Hall of Fame
"With that mother %#@&#% we can do anything!!!" ~ Peter Nolan singer/songwriter - Too Many Lauras
"I don't call him Michael anymore since I saw him live in action one night in Paris. What a groove, it was magic. His bass was like a psychedelic rainbow. There is magic in the air… So now I call him Mr. Rainbow!" ~ Johnny Da Piedade - President Big Cactus Country Radio Network (Europe and Canada)
"Michael 'Kid' Muller is my 'GO TO' bassist. He never fails to deliver exciting and innovative parts to whatever he touches musically. I am honored to call him my friend musically and personally." ~ Sonny Hudson - New York Blues Hall of Fame
"Michael Muller has it all! Great rock solid time! Mike's approach and life force is very special and his gifted ability to make everyone feel good is a big part of what I love about working with him." ~ Michael Fox - Etta James
"Mike is the wildest bass player you ever can dream about. Good taste in music and wine is not given to just anyone. To know him is to love him!" ~ Marc Loison - Former Vice President and member Le Collectif des Radios Blues
"If you want that special groove, the one that tastefully mixes the perfect, laid back, solid bass line with expert melodic walking, Mike is the man you need. Class, taste, and knowing what makes the music sound the best is what he is all about." ~ Liane Edwards - European Americana/Country Artist voted Best Country Americana Artist in France

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